About Us

Our team is comprised of experienced data scientists, market analysts and professional traders.

We are located across Central America and share a common passion for developing robust trading strategies that consistently outperform the world markets. 

Our objective isn’t just to make money for our clients. We want to be the engine that powers our clients to their life goals. Our motivation is to help them build a roadmap to their future by settings goals and long-term objectives. People who achieve their goals don’t do so by accident. 

They do so by careful planning and aligning their daily activities with their life goals. Having the finances to afford to make these goals a reality is of paramount importance and the reason we founded Mi Ahorro. 

We take our work with the upmost seriousness and have fully dedicated ourselves to provide our clients with the very best investment experience.

The Technology

The most important aspect of Mi Ahorro is our technology, which is why we have partnered with the best. Mi Ahorro has licensed the trading technology from Cornerstone.is, a Panamanian tech company that specializes in trading technologies for the financial markets. This technology is what generates the buy and sell orders that our clients receive on their investment accounts. Cornerstone is a leader in the fintech market for trading algorithms, which allows us to stay ahead of the markets and provide a superior service to our clients. 

A Stable Approach

In an uncertain world it is hard to depend on anything with any degree of certainty.  The world is constantly changing and markets are more volatile than ever.

Life Savings should not be volatile or uncertain.

This is why we have designed Mi Ahorro to perform in all market conditions. This is possible by using a portfolio of different strategies and trading technologies that thrive when markets are calm or when markets are crashing. As a fact, some of our most profitable years have been when the stock market has been at its worst. We don’t invest in the stock market; we invest in currencies that appreciate when markets are looking for a safe haven. This allows our clients to actually profit when markets are falling. This provides our clients with a peace of mind that their saving are always protected regardless of current circumstances.

Refer a program

Do you know someone who would benefit from being a member of Mi Ahorro? Helps us expand and grow Mi Ahorro.

Refer a program

Do you know someone who would benefit from being a member of Mi Ahorro? Helps us expand and grow Mi Ahorro.

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