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Regardless of what it’s going on in the world. Mi Ahorro has outperformed the world markets

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Your investment is held in your name with your financial institution. Once connected, Mi Ahorro’s technology goes to work to grow and compound your investment day by day.


Year over year return for our clients.


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Savings done right

Open an account and start earning with as little as $500 USD
Enjoy 100% liquidity, 100% of the time
IC Markets is regulated in multiple international jurisdictions
Client funds are held in segregated client trust accounts with top Australian banks

Initial Investment

Monthly Deposit


Total Balance


How it works


Our technology generates orders
in the financial markets


Those orders are then send to your broker


The profit of these orders are then credited
to your savings account


Mi Ahorro is exclusively offered through the ASIC regulated broker IC Markets.
The broker not only provides access to the world markets, the broker also serves as the custodian of your investment capital.

Superior Investment
  • From 0.0 pips interbank spread
  • Interbank Liquidity from SaxoBank and LMAX
Strong Regulations
  • Australian (AFSL No. 335692)
  • EU (CSEC No. 362/18)
  • Seychelles (FSA No. SD018)
Segregated Funds
  • All client funds are held in segregated client trust accounts with top Australian banks. IC Markets does not use these funds for any operational expenses.
  • IC Markets adheres to strict regulatory standards and always ensure that we have zero conflicts of interest with our clients.

Address: Level 4 50 Carrington Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
Contact them: support@icmarkets.com | +61 (0) 2 8014 4280

Keep Track of your accounts
progress in real time

Download the Metatrader 4 application on your mobile device

Investors Experience


Nolvia S.

I Joined the service in early 2020 and was pleasantly surprised how well my account did during the Coronavirus Pandemic when most of my other investments suffered losses. This account has really been a blessing during hard times.

Maricela C.

Go team Mi Ahorro! I am very happy you have been making good returns and I hope you will continue the good work for my account.

Juan M.

Been with these for over one year and they are good. I am happy they are working with IC Markets. They are the best broker I have ever used.

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Passive earnings

Discover new way to generate a passive…

Passive earnings

Discover new way to generate a passive…

Passive earnings

Discover new way to generate a passive…

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About Mi Ahorro

It is true there are many services available for savings and investment, however very few that combines the liquidity of a cash savings account with the kind of growth our technology is achieving.

No. All deposits and withdrawals are handled directly with your broker (IC Markets).

We don’t directly charge for our services; however IC Markets does assess a 25% Performance Fee for all profits generated. If no profits are generated, no fees are charged.

The 25% Performance Fee is calculated and debited automatically at the end of each month by your broker. No action is required by our clients. If no profits are generated, no fees are charged. You only pay for the service if your account generates a profit.

Similar to that of the stock market as far as volatility is concerned. The primary difference is our service as a fixed drawdown limit of 20%, so 20% of your savings account is active and the remainder is used for margin requirements.

We do, however IC Markets does not accept US clients. Contact us directly for more details.

Address: Ocean Business Plaza, 12 Floor, Suite 1203, Panama, Rep of Panama
Contact us: info@mi-ahorro.com |

  1. Definiciones.
  2. Declaraciones y advertencias
  3. Uso de datos e información
  4. Aceptación de las Advertencias, Términos y Condiciones.
  2. a) Broker o corredor: es un individuo o institución que organiza las transacciones entre un comprador y un vendedor en ciertos sectores a cambio de una comisión cuando se ejecute la operación.
  3. b) roker asociado: es el individuo o institución quien tiene alianza con la Contratista y que organiza las transacciones entre un comprador y un vendedor en el mercado de divisas a cambio de una comisión cuando se ejecute la operación.
  4. c) Forex: es abreviatura del término inglés Foreign Exchange, es el espacio virtual de intercambio de divisas.
  5. d) Divisa: es una unidad de cambio que facilita la transferencia de bienes y servicios.
  6. e) Cliente: Persona que utiliza los servicios ofrecidos con CornerStone y ha firmado un Poder de Representación Limitado.
  7. f) Cornerstone Investment Group INC: se entenderá también cuando se utilice Cornerstone, es una corporación situada en Panamá, que se especializa en la asesoría para el cliente en la selección del Broker, o Broker asociado, así como en el manejo de transacciones en el mercado de divisas, denominado FOREX, en el cual hay cantidad y variedad de divisas con las que se puede realizar intercambio (trading). Cornerstone se limita, salvo autorización de sus clientes, a hacer transacciones con las divisas de las economías más importantes del mundo: Dólar Estadounidense, Yen Japonés, Euro, Libra Esterlina, Dólar Canadiense, Dólar Australiano, Dólar Neozelandés y Franco Suizo.
  8. g) Poder de Representación Limitado: Es la autorización que emite el cliente para poder gestionar transacciones a través del Broker en su nombre y representación, con ello permite que las transacciones que Cornerstone realiza sean copiadas a sus cuentas, además contiene los términos y condiciones de nuestra cuota por servicio. El Poder de Representación Limitado no tiene ninguna restricción de tiempo y se puede revocar en cualquier momento.
  1. DECLARACIONES Y ADVERTENCIAS DE USO: La siguiente declaración y advertencias están destinadas a informar a los usuarios, operadores, visitantes, inversores y clientes, que deseen operar en el mercado de divisas, también conocido como Forex o FX por medio de los servicios de CornerStone….
Mi Ahorro® trademark and the www.mi-ahorro.com domain are owned by Cornerstone Investment Group INC, a company registered in the Republic of Panama. RUC 2339245-1-796018 LEI 894500EY4SGG57T7CI84
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